The Young Americans for Liberty at USF show students the debt

We completed the project spending $102 — just slightly more than YAL’s activism grant. We assembled a team of three people to go to Home Depot in a truck. We got eight 2×4’s which we had split in half making sixteen 2×2’s, and thirty-five 19” sticks (We had three extra). We got sixteen packets of metal hinge pairs, two paint rollers, a bucket of white paint, one plastic tray, a bottle of red spray paint, a bottle of black spray paint, and a bottle of orange spray paint. We hauled it back to campus and shoved all of it into the back seat of my car.

We assembled a team of four who worked on building it. We met at an open field on campus. I brought a drill, drill bits, and some tools. Our highly valued member Jennifer Yuill brought a giant sheet to keep the field spill free. A recent USF graduate named Charlie handled all of the drilling. In the early stages of building a sorority and a fraternity began unloading massive amounts of junk food, and DJ gear onto the field. They were highly disgruntled that we would dare work on our sign at the same time that they had their important event. We smiled and ignored them.

Building the Sign 

We set up our table Monday morning, the 28th of March in a crowded area on campus near the Business Building. The sign was a little over 32 feet long. I was thrilled to see that our sign actually worked, and that every single number stood up on its own. We were startled with a nasty thunderstorm sent to us from the Federal Reserve. We left the table with the banner and the numbers under the rain and just watched from a distance as people walked by with their umbrellas. They would often pause and scratch their brow before continuing to scurry to their location that wasn’t outside in the storm.

In between showers we would run back to the table and quickly unload. We operated in groups of three or four at the table. Out of the fliers that were sent to me I printed them on letterhead and then put them inside sheet protectors, which was great because that made them rain resistant. As people came by most of them did not know that the ambiguous number was our national debt. We chose to not write out anywhere what it was to keep itambiguous. It was a way that people would actually talk about it.

In Action

                  We wrote a press release, however with the storm and all it didn’t get very far. Former Senatorial Candidate Alex Snitker posted our information to his Radio Show web page, and said he would give a shout out to what we were doing on his March 25th show. I have not checked yet if he did, but I hope so!

                 Since Monday was a waste for the most part we had an emergency tabling event Wednesday morning, March 30th. I have never seen so many people interested in what we had to say. It was astonishing to me how many people really seemed to be on the same page with us. I additionally created a flier for our club with general information about the Federal  Reserve, the National Debt, and our club information with meetings times. We gathered in total about fifty signatures, which is not bad considering we could only really gather them during an abruptly planned tabling event. I wasable to add all of them to the school Black Board account. We had a few new people make it to our next meeting. The administration thankfully did not mess with our sign, which we never had permission to put up. I think for fall we will have a way larger turn out of students because of this event. We saved the sign and plan to repaint it, and use it again in fall. Thank you National Young Americans for Liberty for the grant!

The sign stretched out with me in it

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