The Young Americans for Liberty at USF sign up 122 new members!

The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of South Florida had a very interesting circumstance while beginning this semester. There were no elected officers, only seven returning members at the first meeting, no new members, and no plan for what to do other than begin tabling our faces off.

I was luckily able to get the rooms set up for the rest of the semester, and was there to lead the first meeting. I had already decided that I was not going to re-run for President of our chapter, since I had moved up to become a State Chairman. The only young woman whom I had my eye on to become the next Chapter President was unable to return this fall. I knew we had to get to work tabling fast before the next meeting, so I got everyone to agree to have three tabling events before the next week’s meeting. Little did I know that we would be electing five officers who had never had an officer position in Young Americans for Liberty before, it would be the most competitive election we had ever had, and that the next meeting would consist of about fifteen brand new members as well as the returning members!

Bryan, Kat, Anthony, and Vincent

The new officers: Bryan, Katerina, Anthony, and Vincent (missing: Jamie Lewis).

I rushed to Staples and made up hundreds of handouts, as well as about three hundred large flyers to post. Vincent, the current Vice President, helped post the flyers in the dorm rooms. Many returning members helped with the tabling events, including Michael Hamlin, Anthony Davis, Vincent McCoige, Jennifer Yuell, Bryan Nemeth, and some others. We used the contents of the activism kit we got from YAL National.

Byron Longworth, Fl State Chair, YAL

Byron Longworth, FL State Chair, YAL

I got in contact with a young woman named Katerina Salamis, who had randomly stumbled upon our Facebook page, and she proclaimed interest in wanting to advance this organization. She helped with tabling during this first week, and also walked around posting tons of fliers. She is a junior here at USF, a member of the sorority Tri-Delta, and majors in Political Science. After seeing her continual interest in advancing YAL at USF I texted her before the second meeting and told her I thought she should run for something. She was elected secretary in a four-person battle, and won by a huge margin. She is an excellent networker, knows tons of people, is very resourceful, and is committed to doing her share of political activism.

I met Bryan Nemeth in the beginning of the spring semester of 2011 in a class called Intro to Political Theory. Our teacher was a far left-wing Democrat. We looked at each other after a comment he had made, both raising an eyebrow and tilting our heads to the side. After class Bryan asked me if I was on the same page as him. I told him I am pretty much a libertarian, and I am president of an organization here on campus called the Young Americans for Liberty, and we were going to have a meeting that day at 5 p.m. He wrote down the room number and hasn’t left since! He is a junior, who transferred from HCC, and he majors in Political Science. He is a Marine Officer Candidate, and he plans to become a Jag Officer and then become President of the United States one day. He was elected Treasurer this fall.

Jamie Lewis walked by our tabling event during the first week, grabbed a hand out, said he was a Ron Paul supporter, and then showed up at the second meeting. He delivered an excellent speech, which secured his position as historian in a five-way battle. He is a senior majoring in Journalism and Political Science. He is Vice President of the Society of Professional Journalists, a member of Phi Sigma Pi – Rho class, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and also a member of Sigma Alpha Pi.

The new Vice President, Vincent McCoige, is a junior studying philosophy at USF. He joined YAL at USF in September 2010, and learned about us through Senatorial Candidate, Alex Snitker’s web page. He had excellent attendance and work ethic for the entire last academic year. He is excellent debater, and though not always perfect for recruitment loves tricking people to agree with him through good use of philosophy. He won the Vice Presidency in a three-way battle.

Vincent, Vice President

Vincent McCoige, Vice President

The new President of the YAL at USF chapter is Anthony Davis. He has been in the club as long as I have, but never ran for an officer position until now. He is a senior majoring in Political Science. He is a proud brother of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc., Alpha Psi Chapter, #6 Rho Line, Fall 2010. He adds a twist to our club by being a Mormon. He has participated on and off in Young Americans for Liberty for over two years, but now is dedicated full throttle to advancing liberty, and being a dedicated Chapter President. 

Anthony Davis, Chapter President

Anthony Davis, Chapter President.

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