“They interfere with other countries.”

That was the response a CNN reporter got when he asked a Pakistani member of a “lashkar” what he likes least about the US. A lashkar is a private militia force in Pakistan dedicated to eradicating the Taliban’s influence and power in the region. Members of these militant groups are fierce and relentless fighters. After all, they are protecting their homes and families, so why shouldn’t they be?

His answer to the question that was posed to him is typical among many people of the world. They are simply tired of the US getting involved in every country’s business. Many of these people also realize that they are fully capable of doing what the US pretends it has an “obligation” to do. If the people who are under seige say they neither need nor want help, why should the US force it upon them?

Another members of the lakshar said that “They [the US] promote peace within their borders, but they’re against peace in other countries.” Quite easily put, foreigners are fed up with the imperialist policies of the United States. They need to end if anyone ever wants to “give peace a chance.”

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