They’re Back — Palin To Campaign For McCain’s Reelection


I suppose this is Palin’s gift to John McCain for choosing her as his VP pick? Maybe, maybe not. However, this does speak plenty about her creadibilty as an alleged “conservative” — not to mention how much of a contradiction it will now be for her to speak at coming Tea Parties.

Either way, does anyone know what her positions are in domestic/foreign policy? I know I don’t; and in reality most people don’t either.  She’s always been heavy on style and light on substance, so why is she embraced by the Tea Party crowd as a principled supporter of small government?  She’s campaignin for someone who clearly isn’t.

Anyway, Palin announced on Wednesday that she will be campaigning for the “maverick” John McCain’s reelection, as well as Michele Bachmann and Republican establishment candidate Rick Perry. She is scheduled to go to a private fundraising event for McCain on the 26th of March, followed by an rally the next day.

One thing is for sure:  Public opinion is definitely changing about Palin as a potential 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and I believe that number is going  to grow in the near future.

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