Third Free Speech Ball at Missouri State University

I am going to sound like a broken record at this point, but our most recent Free Speech Ball was our best yet! And what was the reason for this success? Being in the right place at the right time.

The morning started just like any other day of an activism event, I rose earlier than normal at about 8 in the morning. After getting the stuff together and eating a hearty breakfast, I headed down to figure out where we were going to situate the ball. Our goal has been to put the ball in different spots on different days in order to reach different audiences, so I chose our new spot at a busier place on campus behind our student union. About an hour after I had the ball all pumped up, we were fortunate enough to have two of Missouri State’s favorite loudmouthed preachers set up shop right behind us. Before too long they were drawing big crowds and, naturally, as people were listening and yelling at them they were interested in seeing what the giant beach ball off to the side was all about. We didn’t have enough markers to cover everyone coming to see what we were about!

Altogether it was a great time spreading liberty and a very entertaining day. Also sin, as we were told by the infamous Brother Matt as we invited him to write on our ball, “…causes you to act like idiots and roll around a giant beach ball like these guys.” 10/10 would spread liberty in the same spot again.

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