This just in, read all about it! University of Denver’s Young Americans for Liberty are the hot topic on campus as well as throughout the city.

For April’s All-Out Activism themed month, YAL-DU was busy spreading the message of liberty. Students from DU started the month off with a bang, staging a mock occupy event on campus. Members of YAL encouraged students to sign a petition to redistribute their GPAs. Fortunately, our chapter failed to gain any signatures for this satirical cause. 

The Occupy event was a major success with plenty of earned media. Members of YAL-DU were interviewed by Denver’s local Fox news station, Westword magazine, as well as University of Denver’s Clarion.

After such a successful first event, the students from YAL-DU were excited to lend a helping hand to our sister chapter at CU-Boulder, and welcome President Obama to Colorado. The two chapters participated in a protest against big government, sporting Big Government Gary costumes, and picket signs. 

Next on the agenda for DU’s busy month was Colorado’s first ever YAL regional conference. The event, Colorado’s Front Range of Freedom, was a major success with over 80 people in attendance. YAL members along with other local liberty lovers enjoyed guest speakers from the Independence Institute, Leadership Institute, local politicians, and keynote speaker Jack Hunter. It was a great event. 

To finish the month off, YAL-DU advertised our Visualize the Debt event in the Denver Post.

Our chapter set up a 40-foot long national debt clock on campus. As students visualized the debt, members of YAL-DU handed out informative flyers and engaged students about the dangers of careless government spending. 

University of Denver’s Young Americans for Liberty are rapidly becoming a pro-liberty force to be reckoned with on campus. The chapter looks forward to continued success on campus and throughout the community!

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