This Rebel of the Week needs no introduction.

With gold predicted to hit an all time high of of $1,400 by next year, the Congressman who never stops is now proposing an audit of the gold in Fort Knox.  He’s tried this in the past, but considering the climate he is speaking in now we will award his courage with a spot as Rebel of the Week. Dr. Paul recently stated:

In the early 1980s when I was on the gold commission, I asked them to recommend to the Congress that they audit the gold reserves – we had 17 members of the commission and 15 voted not to the audit.  I think there was only one decent audit done 50 years ago.

This move will of course be another approach made by Congressman Paul to open the books of the Federal Reserve and seek accuracy on the budget from the Federal Government. Paul recently attempted for a complete audit of the Federal Reserve with HR 1207 which did not pass as was originally intended.

The audit of Fort Knox will likely be proposed via the legislative process sometime next year.  Kudos to you, Dr. Paul, for being a great role model in Congress and challenging the Fed, which always makes our faces light up here in the Silver Circle studio!

Just recently Silver Circle hit the streets to talk about the Federal Reserve and the “gold” it is maintaining.  Now that this news is out, I wonder if some of these responses will change?

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