Thomas Massie Comes to American University!

On February 6th, American University’s YAL chapter for the first time hosted the freedom-loving Representative Thomas Massie to speak to our members and the YAL members from Catholic and George Washington University! Our Outreach Director Annamarie Rienzi put her heart and soul into the logistics of the event and orchestrating the outreach individual members in order to fill the attendance list.

Our YAL chapter President Mathew Adams proudly looked over a full room as he introduced the congressman. Representative Massie then proceeded to give a lively presentation on the issues in federal government, including the myriad of cases involving waste, fraud, and abuse. A particularly lively moment was when he proudly declared himself a “trans-partisan” due to his disdain for either party given their predisposition towards violating the people’s constitutional rights.

After the speech, YAL opened the floor to questions which yielded a lively dialogue about Massie’s opinions on his fellow legislators, his path to running for office, and his bill-writing methodology. This was when he excited the room by mentioning his one-sentence bill eliminating the Department of Education the day before it became a major news story!

YAL closed the meeting with a group photo, and a reminder of our next meeting on February 21st, where the topic will be President Trump in the Media age!

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