Thomas Woods on “Progressive Problems”

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On February 20, a meeting took place in Washington, D.C., between progressives, libertarians, and conservatives who deviate from the bipartisan foreign-policy consensus and favor an antiwar, anti-imperial alternative. Participants were indeed all over the ideological map, as these interesting summaries (1, 2) reveal. (I was invited to attend but could not make it; I’d already been at CPAC and needed to get home to my wife and our new baby.)

Does this mean a genuine cross-ideological coalition against war is brewing? I would like nothing more than to think so. I am confident that many libertarians and conservatives would welcome it. But I am not so sure about the progressives….

Now if you actually do care about war and peace, and would in fact like to work with people of varying political persuasions, I recommend the Antiwar League. Although started by a man on the Left, it genuinely welcomes everyone. In principle, then, and even to some extent in practice, it can be done.

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