Those Condemning State’s Rights as “Racist” Should Read More and Talk Less

The  NPR guy who interviewed Tom Woods last week is not an anomaly. The first thing many of these MSM types think of when nullification is brought up is racism and Jim Crow. That’s rather odd, given that no one is advocating nullification be used to strike down federal laws abolishing forced segregation. On the contrary, nullification would be used to abolish the failed War on Drugs, which — in addition to sanctioning aggressive state violence — is enforced in a ridiculously racist, anti-black manner.

Yet the race-baiters, most of whom are (of course) totally silent on the issues that actually oppress blacks, continue to throw false accusations at the state’s rights movement. It’s thus important to provide some historical context as well. Consider, for example, the noble history of northern citizens using state’s rights to oppose slave-kidnapping.

All the People of this State, who are opposed to being made SLAVES or SLAVE-CATCHERS, and to having the Free Soil of Wisconsin made the hunting-ground for Human Kidnappers, and all who are willing to unite in a STATE LEAGUE, to defend our State Sovereignty, our State Courts, and our State and National Constitutions, against the flagrant usurpations of U.S. Judges, Commissioners, and Marshals, and their Attorneys; and to maintain inviolate those great Constitutional Safeguards of Freedom – the WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS and the RIGHT OF TRIAL BY JURY – as old and sacred as Constitutional Liberty itself; and all who are willing to sustain the cause of those who are prosecuted, and to be prosecuted in Wisconsin, by the agents and executors of the Kidnapping Act of 1850, for the alleged crime of rescuing a human being from the hands of kidnappers, and restoring him to himself and to Freedom, are invited to meet at YOUNGS’ HALL, IN THIS CITY, THURSDAY, APRIL 13TH, at 11 o’clock A.M., to counsel together, and take such action as the exigencies of the times, and the cause of imperiled Liberty demand.

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