Three days with YAL at the University of West Georgia

It’s always interesting to try and pull amazing realities, out of amazing ideas, resulting from amazing challenges. After working a two-to-twelve ten-hour shift at my summer job, finishing moving in that same Friday night – the 21st – there was absolutely no qualms waking right back up and getting YAL off to a great start.

Lone Wolf

Due to never knowing how to reserve a table at the Coliseum – our school’s basketball gym and sports complex – I walked there with the intention of simply walking around and stopping people randomly to talk to people about YAL on campus. Once I arrived I had the idea to stop at someone’s table and inquire into what exactly they did to get a table. Long story short, went and talked to the official in charge of giving out tables, she instantly approved it and walked me over to a table.

Problem: I did not bring the full tabling kit, as it would have been to heavy and cumbersome to carry around and talk to people on foot. So I walked back to my dorm across campus, and carried the banner and activism kit back across campus to set up.

Tabled alone the entire event, gained over 40+ sign-ups and new followers on our newly minted Instagram page.

Next day – Sunday the 23rd: Doug Craig the immediate former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia and runner of a multitude of Social Media platforms – whom I had contacted to come and see us the day before – brought us a World’s Smallest Political Quiz, and money to help us get started – the later of which I had no clue he intended to do.

Doug Craig LPofGA

We also had an extensive talk between Mr. Craig, Antonio McCurdy our Meeting Coordinator, and Tanner Sims one of our members about libertarian ideals ranging from the problems in the minority community caused by big government, to what to do about Social Security, and other issues. Great opportunity to network, and gain more contacts in the Liberty Movement.

We arrived at 5:15 p.m. to set up our table in Love Valley at the Welcome Back Blast to welcome Freshman to campus, as well as, returning students of all walks of life. One problem, isolated showers threatened to rain us out, but we stood fast, covered all of our papers, and hid under the tent of the people at the table next to us.

Welcome Back 1

Then, by the time the event started at 6:30PM we had sunny skies and beautiful weather back.

Welcome Back 2

Added on another 50+ names to our sign-up sheets, met some really great people, and talked about issues ranging from Women’s Rights, Taxation, and Entrepreneurship.

We came back to the room after the event to catch people before they went to sleep, from 9:30 p.m. -11:00 p.m. we stayed up making phone calls to every legible phone number we could read on the list personally inviting them to our meeting Monday Night. If we couldn’t get an answer through calls, we sent texts, if we did not have a phone number for them, or could not read it, we sent personal messages on Instagram.

Monday: Had a great day of class, then went in the set up the Meeting Room where we expected about a 10% turnout.

Inaugural Meet

So out of the 90-100 people we called the night before, had 10 people show up ready to make YAL happen, one girl left, but the rest stayed tuned in as we brought them in and actually started planning with them involved in the planning and leadership of the chapter.

After the meeting we played the illustrious Cards Against Humanity, then headed over to a campus dining hall for some food and political talk, and socializing as well.

Overall, great three days, and a great way to launch YAL on our campus with a bang. Look forward to being highly involved in community service, campus speaking, and off-campus action this year, and moving forward.

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