Time for a New Constitution?

On September 24th and 25th of this year there will be a conference at Harvard University that will mark the beginning of an attempt to draft a new constitution for the United States.

Conconcon, as it is being called, is designed to lay the groundwork for the writing of a new U.S. Constitution that some groups feel is long overdue.

If this conference is successful then we will see, in the near future, a multi-partisan constitutional convention that will draft a completely new constitution for the country.

Constitutional law expert Michael McConnell of Stanford University says that such a thing is  possible.  “It would probably be a result of a constitutional convention and not an act of congress,” he said in an interview Tuesday.

Under Article V of the Constitution, a new constitution could be proposed as an amendment to the current one. Two thirds of Congress and three quarters of the states would have to ratify it and then it would replace the current constitution and all amendments. Professor McConnell didn’t seem to think that it was likely to happen, but it is a novel idea and it will be interesting to see what happens with it in the next year.

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