To Begin at the Beginning

A few weeks ago I was contemplating the reality of the upcoming fall and how involved I would have to be Colorado YAL. Thought’s of endless busyness and unpreparedness overwhelmed me. I had a moment when I asked myself why I wanted to get involved — what did it matter — what could I do that would make any sort of difference?

In my repose I remembered Henry David Thoreau’s call to the intelligent of the US during the Mexican American War. He wrote of the consciences and principles of the people who claimed to adhere to the American constitution and yet paid taxes to continue an unjust war, and sustain a “tyrant.” He wrote his essay “Civil Disobedience” from a jail cell, because he believed so fervently in liberty, that he refused to pay those taxes. I recalled the thousands of others, known and unknown, writers, protesters, activists, and normal citizens who have done whatever they could to protect my freedom, and I felt ashamed for begrudging the fact that I would be busy.

However cliche it may sound, beginnings always start at the beginning — with little to no recognition and lots of hard labor which makes us wonder what in world we are doing. 

Hopefully in the least sanctimonious way possible, I wanted to encourage anybody who would have the time to read this, that the beginning is only a moment. Soon with the spread of the ideas of liberty and continuing of our principles, the busyness and effort will seem like a minor detail in comparison to the movement forward.  

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