Toastmasters for Liberty

I was recently made aware of Toastmasters International by a friend, Kelly Nguyen.  Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization that helps people to become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. Their website states:

Most Toastmasters meetings are comprised of approximately 20 people who meet weekly for an hour or two. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging     from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian.

There is no instructor; instead, each speech and meeting is critiqued by a member in a positive manner, focusing on what was done right and what could be improved…Good communicators tend to be good leaders…In our learn-by-doing approach, we don’t lecture our members about leadership skills; we give them responsibilities and ask them to lead.

Kelly decided to attend Toastmasters for a while in order to become a better speaker, communicator, and leader. I thought this would be a great thing for YAL members to do as well! It could only help — not hinder us — in advancing liberty on campus and beyond. Besides the previously mentioned advantages, here are some other benefits that came to mind:

  • It is something to do with other YAL members that will help to form a closer bond of friendship with them
  • It is a recurring chance to speak to a diverse local group about liberty, YAL, statist myths, lies, propaganda, etc.
  • Plus, who knows, you might even gain some local financial donors for your YAL chapter

Click here to find the Toastmasters groups in your area. There is almost certainly already a Toastmasters group in your area that will also meet your schedule. However, if there isn’t, start one yourself with your friends!

I’ve only been to a couple meetings so far, but the group has been extremely kind and seem very open minded. I urge everyone to join a local group as soon as possible to help better yourself and prepare for communicating about liberty next semester!

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