Today Young Americans for Liberty at UNH Hold Anti-War Rally

With help from, Young Americans for Liberty held an event leading up to the grand finale of their Revolution Week:  YAL members on UNH campus stuck almost 1,000 flags into the ground, representing every soldier that has been killed since Obama has entered office. 

Flags in the main lawn

Scott Horton attended the event at UNH and is also the introductory speech to the Tom Woods presentation tomorrow night to top off YAL’s Revoution Week.

Students passed as president of the chapter, John Jones yelled, “Killing is wrong when people do it, it’s still wrong when the government does it!”  It produced a curious sentiment among the students passing.  More and more stopped by; some became new members and alliances with other groups on campus were formed.

 Students stopping to talk with YAL and Scott Horton

There was also a pleasant visit from Durham’s finest which forced the students to shut down their bull horn use because their permit did not cover “amplified noise.”

 Durham police stop in

Aside from this encounter, the rally was successful and was a great way to encourage attendance to the event tomorrow.  The anticipation is growing from the group and its new members for the Tom Woods appearance.  Make sure to tune into the webcast of Woods’ speech tomorrow night at 5:30.  Join us if you are in the area!

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