Tolerance, the unifying virtue.

It’s kinda…sorta…totally obvious that the Liberty Movement has the best-looking female activists.  I thus wasn’t surprised to see this piece on National Review’s Dave Frum’s blog — aptly titled “Cutest Chicks go for Ron Paul” — admitting as much. It was certainly apparent to anyone that so much glanced at “liberty row” here at CPAC 2010.

But even if the LOLA girls weren’t pretty,  their company would be far preferable to the “send druggies to jail, Muslims to the slaughterhouse” chicks.  This is because they — like all libertarians — fight to uphold the unalienable rights of all individuals to self-determination. This virtue of tolerance, as Dr. Paul spoke about today, is why we liberty types get along with each other. Differences in “group” and lifestyle fade into the woodwork when neither the libertine libertarian nor the Christian libertarian is trying to impose his belief on the other.

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