Tom Woods’ Book on Nullification out Today

Tom Woods’ newest book, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, hits store shelves today. As perhaps the greatest check on federal authority reserved to the states, the concept of nullification and its importance in safeguarding the sovereignty of the individual states has become diminished over the last century and a half. In his new book, Woods lays out the case for nullification and seeks to educate any and all looking to challenge the power of the federal government and halt the continual erosion of state sovereignty.

Woods comments on his new book in his latest article at

When he memorably laid out the case for nullification in the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, Thomas Jefferson argued that if the federal government were allowed to hold a monopoly on determining what its powers were, we would have no right to be surprised when it kept discovering new ones. I’ve elaborated on all this in previous articles.

This important – if routinely distorted or even forgotten – history takes on unexpected relevance today, with a resurgence of interest in nullification growing all over the country, and no shortage of unconstitutional laws to which to apply it. The Tenth Amendment Center’s Legislative Tracking Page gives you some idea of the extent of a movement that is only just getting started. The purpose of my book Nullification is to make the strongest, most solidly referenced case I can in support of one of the healthiest developments in American political life in decades, and to serve as a kind of handbook for those who are serious about pursuing it.

So go out, buy a copy, and read it up!

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