Tom Woods Censored At CU? reports that an ad for Tom Woods’ lecture next Friday at the University of Colorado at Boulder, an event organized by the local Young Americans for Liberty chapter (way to go, guys!), has been censored. Specifically, the parts in bold have been removed from the ad, which was submitted for a campus-wide email bulletin:

In an exclusive lecture for CU students and the community, bestselling author Thomas E. Woods will explain how the current economic collapse was predicted and ignored, why Washington and the Federal Reserve are to blame, why the bailouts will ultimately make things worse and how we can put our economy on a path to recovery. Friday April 3rd in HUMN 1B50 at 7 pm, no charge. Organized by Young Americans for Liberty.

Now, I’m in charge of the campus calendar of events at my own school’s student newspaper, and saving space is one thing (in print, anyway), but taking out the meat of what a speaker will be discussing, as well as the phrase that is most likely to catch students’ attention? That’s a little fishy.

Given Tom’s previous awesomeness, this is by no means going to be a lecture to sleep through, so why is CU advertising it as one? Any Buffaloes out there know what’s going on?

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