Tom Woods Denied by a University which Spent $35K on John Edwards

…and denied on the lame excuse that he doesn’t have “sufficient academic credibility,” of all things.  Maybe they’re confused about which Tom Woods this is?  Because his academic credentials include undergrad at Harvard, a doctorate from Columbia, success on the New York Times bestseller list, and a position as Senior Scholar at the Mises Institute.  In short, Indiana University’s refusal to support his visit to campus is based on an excuse which could be called “flimsy” only by someone more charitable than I.

As reported at, the Indiana University Lectures Committee “spent $35,000 to bring John Edwards to campus and then quickly and affirmatively denied Woods (about $4,000) a platform.”  John Edwards?  Seriously?  A disgraced politician who began his political career as an ambulance chaser and ended it with a long-denied extramarital affair?  That’s who Indiana University was willing to pay ten times Tom Woods’ speaking fee to host?

The story, originally written by a conservative/libertarian student newspaper at IU, was picked up by Campaign for Liberty this morning.  Two IU alumni have commented on Campus Reform, stating their outrage at what definitely appears to be a case of a public university blocking “appearances by scholars that don’t share the same ideologies.”  If you are a current student or alum of IU, please leave a comment on this or the Campus Reform post.  This support will help pressure the university to play fair and bring Tom Woods to campus. 

UPDATE:  If you can, please click below to donate to the YAL chapter on campus!  They’re trying to bring Woods to campus with or without the support of the administration, and you can help pay his (very affordable) speaker fees.

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