Tom Woods vs. IU Economics Department

After being rejected twice by the Indiana University economics department, Dr. Tom Woods will (finally) speak at IU-Bloomington …TONIGHT @ 7 p.m.!

If you are in the Indiana area, this is your last reminder to attend a unique event with Meltdown and Nullification author Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr. at Indiana University.

Please bring your friends and family to join us for this exciting event — an event which almost didn’t happen thanks to the strong ideological opposition from the school’s economics department. Academic “diversity” at its finest!

The IU YAL chapter worked incredibly hard to make sure this event happened and overcame enormous bias by the administration. But first let me tell you the details:

  • Date: TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 21 at 7 p.m.
  • Location: IU Student Union Building in the Whittenberger Auditorium; 900 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47405 [map]
  • Cost: FREE!

For more information and to RSVP, please visit YAL’s Event Page or Facebook.

So why is this event such a big victory for our cause?

Well, you may know that Dr. Woods is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, and a Senior Scholar at the Mises Institute. He probably has more ivy league degrees and bestselling books than the entire IU economics department combined. But, when the IU YAL chapter requested Dr. Woods to speak on campus, they were told “Dr. Woods lacks sufficient academic credibility” to speak to undergraduate students.

This was the reason the economics department and Indiana Memorial Union Board Lectures Committee of Indiana University rejected Dr. Woods last fall.

YAL Chapter President, Sam Spaiser, and the chapter members were shocked to receive such a flimsy excuse — especially when the administration already accepted and paid for a request to bring a disgraced former presidential candidate, John Edwards, to campus.

The blatant political and philosophical bias was disgraceful. But it does not surprise me. These ivory towers in universities are bastions for statist thought.

Even though this was Dr. Woods’ first time to be rejected on academic grounds, he took it in stride. “If my academic credentials are in question, anyone can judge for themselves at But from their point of view I’m surely uncredentialed: unlike other speakers they might consider, I haven’t wrecked any economies,” he said.

Fortunately, Sam and his YAL chapter didn’t take this lying down.

Despite getting a second rejection from the university, this time because they did too much work organizing the event without the board’s approval, they pushed forward. Sam and his chapter began raising money on their own, receiving help from YAL supporters and friends in the community.

Finally, their hard work paid off, despite the countless hurdles put before them by the IU economics department and statist administrators.

If you live in or around Indiana, please try to make it to this event tonight!

Dr. Woods will no doubt make a compelling case for liberty — and I’m sure he will have a bone to pick with the economics department, too.

In a couple days, be sure to check the YAL website for a full video of the event.

Additionally, if you can’t attend, please help YAL spread the word to people in the area:

  • Twitter: Tweet “Join @yaliberty for a presentation from @ThomasEWoods at IUB TONIGHT!  | #yal #c4l #sfl #yoy #tlot #tcot #indy”
  • Facebook: Update your status about Dr. Woods and join the Facebook event.
  • Email: Forward this announcement to your YAL chapter and all your friends, especially in Indiana.

This is a unique opportunity to hear Dr. Woods speak after a controversial planning process.

YAL will not allow universities to ever censor our views!

I’m proud of everyone involved in this event, especially those who refused to back down to these statists!

For more information, visit YAL’s event page.

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

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