Tom Woods @ Washburn: Update

On March 5 2014, Young Americans for Liberty of Washburn University has hosted guest speaker, Dr. Thomas Woods Jr. with a lecture called “The Financial Crisis: Capitalism not Guilty as Charged.” We invited college students, local groups, and faculty members that are interested in this topic. Our event covered all necessary procedures, such as funding requests, advertising, and contacting members of our state legislators.

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The lecture had a great turnout; however a member of Washburn’s Political Science Department, Dr. Chris Hamilton, distributed odd and defamatory statements towards Dr. Woods and YAL. We understand that this is a form of free speech, nonetheless, he could have passed down those papers, or expressed his concerns during the Q & A session at the end of the event.

Afterwards, the university’s official student media, the Washburn Review, wrote an interesting story about what happened the other night. (Read it here and here.) We do not disagree with what has been written about the event, however, we would have preferred a better coverage on the quality of the lecture itself rather than the incident. 

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In conclusion, our chapter has decided to take the high ground to spread the ideas of liberty, sound money, and prosperity rather than hostility and partisanship.

Furthermore, Dr. Hamilton’s actions only proved that our ideas are not only rising, but prevailing. Hence, we seek to educate and create Washburn University a liberty minded campus that upholds fairness and free speech towards any group, or student. It is unfortunate to have these accusations of Dr. Woods, yet, we’ve learned from strategic allies of YAL like that even intolerant intellectuals can change their minds. YAL taught us to bring up critical points that can shape our lives and influence our decisions; hence it is better to do something rather than nothing. 

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