Tomorrow the Fiat Money Bomb Will Drop!


Tomorrow Silver Circle will be asking all of you who pledged to the Fiat Money Bomb to turn your pledges into awesome donations to our film. This is just a friendly reminder to remember to turn your pledge into a donation tomorrow!

We will be giving away AWESOME prizes all day tomorrow so tune in to get in the drawing.  You could pledge just $1 and be entered to win silver, bumper stickers, free memberships to investment newsletters, and Silver Circle t-shirts!

You can’t really beat that.  So if you haven’t pledged yet, simply visit the Fiat Money Bomb website, pledge whatever you can (students ,I know this is tough, especially since the amazing CPAC is just around the corner), pass on the event to friends and family and then you are entered into the drawing for a bunch of free stuff!

See you all tomorrow we’ll be announcing the raffle winners all day on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter so stay tuned! 

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