Too big for accountability

I have been listening to the hearings for the IRS scandal targeting conservative, tea party, and 9/12 groups over the past few days, and as the representatives try to get to the bottom of all of this mess, I have had two distinct ideas in my mind.

First, we are seeing the rise of ideological discrimination in this country, the likes of which should and would scare many…if only it was seen elsewhere. The idea that an individual or group of individuals no longer has the right to redress their grievances or even to question the people in power is ludicrous. The Constitution was written to protect those who disagree with the government or who want to have a differing opinion of those in power. But now, we are seeing a clear pattern that these people are targets for daring to hold an unpopular viewpoint.

My second thought was that as IRS representatives in the hearings responded to many questions by claiming they didn’t know or they weren’t informed about the topic at hand, maybe people have finally realized if the government can’t even keep track of its own people and their actions, it has gotten way too big.

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