Top Military Brass: Blowback Does Exist, Just Not from Our Policies

As everyone other than Bill Kristol knows, actions tend to have unintended consequences. You eat fatty foods and your belly will get bigger; you punch someone in the face and they may pull a knife on you. That’s life — you never fully anticipate all the possible outcomes from your decisions.

Sadly, the official stance of our foreign policy has been that the US government does not make mistakes.  Instead, our government pretends that the people who hate us have no factual basis for doing so — it’s just their heathen religions or different skin color that makes them want to blow themselves up in defience of our god-like wisdom.

Then Wikileaks released their Afghanistan files. The Joint Cheif’s Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen claimed that Julian Assange had endangered the lives of American troops and Afghan informants who have assisted U.S. forces by releaseing these documents. On Judge Napolitano’s show, Intelligence Agent Wayne Simmons even went as far as to call Assange a terrorist for backlash we will receive from the release of these documents.

The newest warning of blowback comes from current NATO Commanding Officer Gen. Petraeus, who is a little uneasy about a church in Florida that is planning a Quran burning event. He believes it “could cause significant problems” and “….could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort in Afghanistan:

I would hope they would understand that there are second- and third-order effects that will occur that will affect that young man and woman who’s out there on point for America, serving their nation today, because of their actions back in the United States.

So Wikileaks and burning someone’s holy book inspire terrorism, but 100,000 troops smashing everything in their way and decades of bombings, coups, and covert operations couldn’t possibly cause any animosity toward the US.  At least the government is no longer saying that blowback doesn’t exist — but it seems that only individuals, not the state, can cause it. At this rate it will only take 50 years before the government may begin to think it might be causing the problem with its “solutions.”

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