Towson University Activism Event 9/21/2016

Today the Towson University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had our first activism event on campus. We undertook a clip-boarding event in our university’s central Freedom Square in order to get signatures from students who were interested in our new group, and at the same time to raise awareness about our group and liberty to the students of Towson University. Whilst doing this, it was very surprising to see the number of students who were interested in our group on campus and to see the inquiries which they had as well, asking more questions about the liberty movement and what exactly we stand for. Many were surprised to see that they were actually rather Libertarian as well after taking our quiz for their political ideology and placing themselves on the Nolan chart.

Today was a good first step overall for our chapter, and it was a good stepping stone for us to move onto our first meeting and to host more recruiting events such as this one in the coming weeks so that we may really start to have the students of Towson University get in on the liberty conversation and have their voices be heard.

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