Trivia Night at Ryan’s Pub featuring YAL at Xavier

Every year at Xavier there is the Week of Welcome, where clubs host an event welcoming new students and getting the club names out there. Our YAL chapter hosted a Trivia Night in Ryan’s Pub, the pub in the basement of our student section. Posters were made and posted all around campus in the hopes that we would get some new members.

We had nearly fifty people show up, which was twice what we were expecting! New students, seniors, and everyone in between came to check out the event. Jeremiah, the president, Anne Marie, the vice president, and Nick, the treasurer, all worked together on making trivia questions of all kinds from US history to sports to fun ocean facts, to emoji-based . We presented the PowerPoint through the televisions in the restaurant, and per the rules each team had 30 seconds to answer the questions. The winning team got a $50 American Express gift card. We all had a great time laughing, enjoying the wonderful food Ryan’s had to offer, and getting to know the new people. We unfortunately didn’t end up with a ton of sign-ups, but people remembered us at club day and we got a ton of new members after that night. We will be planning something similar in January, and it should be just as fun!

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