Troy University Students Get on Their Soapbox

Sometimes people just love to get up on their soap box and rant. What better way to promote the first amendment than to plop a literal “Soap Box” in a high traffic area of campus. The YAL chapter at Troy University did just that on campus. We gave students a megaphone and allowed them to speak to the masses. 
After taking a quick trip to the local hardware store to acquire wood, screws, and painting materials, we made an awesome prop for the activism event. Next, we constructed the box and put paint on it that said “Soap Box,” or for the fancier sort, paint it to look like a Gain or Tide box. The box, if properly constructed, can hold 3 or 4 people on top of it.

Soap Box Event Picture 3
For Troy’s event, we also had a table nearby with pamphlets, books, stickers, buttons, and club meeting fliers. This event was a great success and it provided an opportunity for us to collect sign-ups and spread the word about Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Liberty at Troy.

Best part of all, we now have a portable “Soap Box” that we can use for future events both at Troy and around Southeast Alabama.
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