Troy University YAL Shows up and Shows off this Semester

Some of the YAL/SFL Ladies

We may not “Roll Tide” at Troy University, but we definitely work to “Roll Back” when it comes to government. Thus so far the Troy University YAL and SFL group (we all attend the same meetings and consider ourselves to be a part of both organizations) has been prolific.

During Constitution Week, we gave away 197 Constitutions, had a Free Speech Wall, and did Make Art Not War. We got a fantastic response from our fellow students- many interested to learn more — and local media even showed up! Many students were surprised to learn that Troy University has a “red light” rating from FIRE in speech codes and that the only place that students could practice free speech was in the quad behind the business college.

One of our aims as a group is to have this policy changed; as a public university, there is absolutely no reason why free speech should not be afforded to every single person on campus without exception. We are hosting Adam Kissel, formerly of FIRE, late October/early November on campus about the Fundamentals of Free Speech. Date and time to be announced later. 

We have weekly meetings every Wednesday, usually in the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy Library, but occasionally we like to mix it up and go to the local wine bar for excellent brews (or Cokes, if the members are not legally eligible to drink) and homemade pizzas. Our chapter is unusual in that it boasts a female majority; almost all officers are female as well. We enjoy getting together and having fun and celebrating what freedoms we do have and working to restore the ones that we should!

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