Troy University Young Americans for Liberty – Incarceration Nation

Troy University Young Americans for Liberty ran our Incarceration Nation event on April 22 and 23, 2015. Our battle plans were very simple: a couple days of tabling, flyers, and then a movie. This event was fairly easy to set up and went very smoothly.



We did several hours of tabling on Wednesday and Thursday. Instead of asking people “Are you a criminal?”, we decided that something along the lines of “How do you feel about prisons in the US?” was a better alternative.


A large number of the people we talked to agreed that the US locks up far too many people, even if those people didn’t necessarily agree with some of the points we were making. We attempted to get a police officer to take a picture behind our bars, but he wasn’t very receptive.



After a couple days of tabling and talking with people, it was time to do something with the people we had pulled together. We decided on John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”, // We chose Illegal Everything because we thought it would be light enough to really encourage conversation. Several of the audience members were appalled to hear the story about the EPA placing large fines on a homeowner mentioned in the video.


I feel that this event was very beneficial, with most of the people we talked to we were willing to either sign our roster, take a picture, or at least stop and listen to what we had to say. For topics as touchy as the drug war and prison reform, this event went off with very few problems.

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