Truth Seekers Expand Free Speech at Fayetteville

On October 6 our YAL members on Fayetteville State University held a free speech event. We provided a free speech ball for students of FSU to freely write on. We discussed with students about signing a petition to switch campus policies over to the Chicago Principle which would allow the whole campus ground to be a free speech zone. Many students agreed that free speech is important as well as a constitutional right and should be upheld on our public campus.

During our demonstration we were approached twice by campus administration. The first man just came out to see what we were discussing and then he left. Then a woman came out and told us to leave from where we were because it was not part of the free speech zone. We asked a list of questions as to why we had to leave and what specific policies inhibited us from being there. She then took us to another administrator. We were explained the free speech zone policies and then we explained our petition. We were told it was good intended, but we still have to seek approval to use the free speech zone and stay in the free speech area. We are now working with FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) to change campus policies. It was a great day for liberty on campus!

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