Try, try, try, again at Clear Creek

I arrived at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College with a car full of constitutions, YAL pamphlets, and a clipboard ready to find Liberty warriors to lead the chapter there. What I found was what seemed to be an empty campus. I asked the woman at the front desk in the visitors center if the students were on break, she informed me that they were in Chapel at the time and would be leaving afterward except a few that would be staying to eat in the cafeteria. With the intention of speaking to them after they left church I asked her to direct me to the cafeteria. This is when I hit a brick wall. As someone who was not a student on campus I was not allowed in the cafeteria. Despite much back and forth I was unable to get them to budge. Not the most successful attempt at spreading Liberty but not a dead end. Some students here have shown an interest in the Liberty movement and I believe persistence will win out at Clear Creek.

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