Trying New Recruitment Methods at Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce College YAL chapter was activated at Fall 2017. We were able to establish a vast network of liberty-minded students and recruited more than 300 individuals for the cause. We hosted Day of Politics with the #RestoreThe4th theme. At the end, won chapter signup competition. YAL chapter has became the most active political club on campus so far, and this is just the beginning.

 Since February 2018, I used new methods of recruitment. have been talking to students on campus about different topics including free market, gun rights, taxation, and etc. I have been able to register +20 people at LA Pierce using same methods. Also, I recruited several officers by just walking up to them and asking “Hey, do you like liberty? Do you like free speech?” I also started attending different club meetings and invited them to the summit. So many new people were excited to join the cause!

One of the methods I have been using and has been really successful is talking in front of the classes. I emailed several professors and asked them if I could speak for 2-3 minutes in the classroom about my club, then I passed a clipboard with pocket constitutions and flyers. This method is less time consuming and more effective; even though you might not get as many signups as tabling or Free Speech Ball, but you will get the ones who are more likely to join as an officer or a member. I text or call them right after and mention the summit and meeting dates and times.

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