TSA = Creepers

In the wake of the Lap Bomber, the TSA is, of course, getting more ridiculous and unconstitutional than ever.  Wait.  I think they call that “tough on terrorism.”  Oh well, those are usually the same thing.

Anyway, in this case, the new anti-terrorism measures appear to include a proliferation of the full body scanners already installed in some airports.  Becky Akers writes at Campaign for Liberty:

Alas, most Americans, particularly those elected to Congress, shrug at the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of “unreasonable” searches (and searches don’t come any more unreasonable than “whole body scanning,” during which the Transportation Security Administration’s [TSA] screeners photograph you naked, right through your clothes, at airport checkpoints)….Dignity and modesty also sustain knock-out blows — and you needn’t be a prude to think so….Yet the TSA insists that this is the price passengers pay for safety in the skies. Politicians and the media have picked up the cry in the wake of the Briefs-Bomber: they, too, babble that we die unless we expose ourselves.

There’s always another option, as the TSA deceptively notes:  a pat-down.  Read that, “a public groping.”  Akers notes, “This trap continues snaring too many passengers. Yeah, they say, they’d rather be ogled than molested. But there’s a third option: abolish the TSA.”  I vote for option three.

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