TTU YAL Recruitment Drive

On September 28th, our club reserved a table in the lobby of the University Center, one of the busiest places on campus. We were spreading the news about what we do on campus and allowing people to sign up to receive email updates from us. We handed out cookies and candy to everybody who stopped by to say hello.

We had many people ask us if we would be a good home for people who do not know much about politics. Of course, we welcomed them and asked their opinions on issues. Many did not have established opinions, in which case we handed them a pocket Constitution and told them about our upcoming Liberty Chats. Our Liberty Chats are casual discussions about current events and what role young Americans can play – the perfect place for people who are just starting to care about the political system.

We had a follow up meeting on October 5th. There were a lot of new faces, and everybody was excited to plan our upcoming activism event: YAL-O-WEEN.

Our Recruitment Drive was successful at providing us new potential members; however, even if nobody gave us their email, it felt good to hand out goodies and make YAL’s presence at TTU a pleasant one.

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