Tufts University Spring Recruitment Drive!

Last week, the Tufts University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held its first Spring Recruitment Drive! We were able to secure 21 sign ups while continuing to spread the ideas of Liberty to those who passed by. We are hoping to do another recruitments drive in the upcoming weeks as we are starting to get our name out on campus. Led by Dan Dewing, Jack Rhodes and Tim Reitzenstein, the evening was filled with constructive conversations with a variety of topics to promote YAL. 

Although we received some negative attention with looks of disgust, the evening was an overall positive experience. Handing out different items provided from the recruitment kit, those who signed up were thrilled to receive pocket constitutions, pins, hand out pamphlets and more!

With only 21 sign ups, we hope to get out within the next few weeks to recruit more students for Liberty! 

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