Tyranny is over…if you want it.


Perhaps the time has come to seek out other means of dissent. While the voting box is still part of our arsenal, there is no silver bullet to stopping tyranny. We must take a multi-faceted approach if we wish to have success in our ongoing campaign for liberty.  If you choose to fight within the system, I suggest you adopt the attitude that Washington D.C. is irrelevant and reclaim your state governments. You must pursue nullification and have your state act as a watch dog for federal usurpation of power.  The influence you have over state representatives is staggering compared to that of the federal level.

Check Out the Tenth Amendment Center

If you choose to work outside of the system, then I suggest you start removing your consent to be governed. Embrace the tactics of Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.  Assert your rights as a sovereign human and engage in non violent civil disobedience.  Stop paying your taxes and start ignoring arbitrary authority.    

Check Out Strike The Root

There are millions of people in this country who know the solution to this problem but are quietly sitting back and waiting for leadership. Become a leader in your community and illustrate the concepts of liberty, freedom and humanity. Remind everyone that we have a servant government and that to submit to it as master is voluntary servitude.

Remember, tyranny is over…if you want it.

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