U of Wisconsin-Madison Protest the TSA

This report comes from Aaron McEvoy who’s currently on spring break, so I thought I’d help him out. He mentioned a video should be coming as well. Keep an eye out for that…

TSA goodies

We set up a table on the Library Mall, which is a major intersection between 2 major thoroughfares on campus and is where we usually do our events. We had our banner out, a couple of signs that said “Titty Squeeze Administration” and “Testicle Safety Assessor.” We got about 10 new members, but we were really short staffed. I (Aaron) wore the TSA costume most of the day and asked passers by that if they could tell me what the 4th Amendment was and if they did they’d win some beads. We also just handed out beads and asked people where they were going for spring break and then informed them that the TSA violates their 4th Amendment rights every time they go through the airport. We had a few great conversations with a couple of individuals and groups. All in all I think we had a pretty great impact while having a really fun time.  

We even got YAL’s banner plugged in a local story!

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