U.S. Can’t Impose Its Values on the World

It’s not often that I have agreed with President Obama, but it seems that he made a smart statement that I can get behind…but the only problem is his actions speak louder than his words.

In an interview with the BBC the President said the United States cannot impose its values on other countries, but argued that principles such as democracy and the rule of law were universal. I couldn’t agree with this statement more, but the fact is his actions, since taking hold of the Presidency, have been nothing like this statement.

President Obama has continued the policies of the Bush Administration and has failed to change our image across the world: We continue to cause problems in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and to threaten Pakistan. With North Korea, Obama will have the chance once again to demonstrate whether he actually believes what he says.

The United States need to return to noninterventionism, and stop sticking our noses in the affairs of other countries. Ever since WWI, this country has played the world’s policeman, and we have further endangered ourselves. Ron Paul was right when he said that the reason for terrorist hatred against the United States was our presence in those countries. We stuck our noses right in their face, and it pissed them off.

We hold this belief that we must impose our values on other countries, but it hasn’t worked. We continue to cause havoc, but when we elect somebody that says he will change the situation and doesn’t, we pull ourselves further down a terrible path.

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