U.S. Not the Most Free Country?

Each year the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal put together a list of the countries in the world and rank them on how “Free” they are.

It turns out that the United States is not the most free country in the world.

World Rank
1 Hong Kong 90.0 +0.3
2 Singapore 87.1 -0.2
3 Australia 82.6 +0.4
4 Ireland 82.2 -0.3
5 New Zealand 82.0 +1.2
6 United States 80.7 -0.3

It is a sad day when the United States, the light of freedom, is not number 1.

We are being overrun by policies that are stripping our freedoms away from our hands. This would be a credit to over regulation of free enterprise and governmental intervention.

When does the Revolution start?

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