UA YAL at SA Block Party

University at Albany Young Americans for Liberty had our first major event on Sunday September 9th with our debut at the Student Association block party, where a large amount of groups recognized by student government tabled in an attempt to get members for their organizations.

UA YAL at SA Block Party!

The day itself got off to a bit of a rocky start as the student government (just as inefficient as actual government) managed to not place our table with the other political groups. Instead, we were next to the Albany anime club. What originally seemed like a curse was actually a blessing in disguise!  Being where we were, our group’s table was right next to all of the tasty free food (hooray for free stuff!), which lured plenty of people our way.  Using the copies of After the Welfare State we received and copies of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, we promised to give the book to quiz takers for free. Many individuals who came to our table discovered through this method that they were in fact libertarian and didn’t even know it (who would’ve thought?)!

Liberty People!

From that day alone, our group signed up 54 new members for UA YAL, and in subsequent days of tabling we managed to get our email list up to 105 people!

I want to thank may dedicated YAL activists who helped make our first event such a  great success: Jacob Sherretts (Vice-President), Caitlin Walsh (Secretary), Megan Stuhlmuller (Treasurer) and Alex Esposito.  Without you guys none of this would be possible, and I am honored that you guys have chosen to aid me in this endeavor on our campus. I look forward to doing future events with you guys!

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