UA YAL Attacks the War on Drugs

This past Friday, the University of Alabama Young Americans for Liberty celebrated 4/20, holding a cigarette rolling contest and bake sale in the Ferguson Center, our most active student building.  Baked goods were free provided students took part in our cigarette rolling contest.  Though 4/20 is typically known as a counterculture holiday centered around marijuana, we wanted to address more than simply marijuana decriminalization.  We were able to engage many students in discussion over not only marijuana legalization, but drug use and the overall War on Drugs. 

UA YAL 4/20 Table
The general response from the student body was great! Around 20 people signed up for our email list and over 50 people participated in our rolling contest.  We were also able to pass out pocket Constitutions and YAL pamphlets to inform students of our overall role in the Liberty Movement.  Other than a few funny looks, the event went smoothly and we had no trouble from the university administration officials. 

This event occured just a few days after we hosted the Alabama Medicial Marijuana Coalition (AMMJC), a local medical marijuana advocacy group.  The solid turnout for that event was able to give us momentum going into 4/20, so it can be said that liberty truly “rolled” at the University of Alabama.

Ethan Frazier
University of Alabama YAL

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