UA YAL Constitution week and the future!

This past week, University at Albany Young Americans for Liberty built on our momentum gained from the SA block party and previous tabling sessions by launching a Constitution Week activism event which consisted of constructing and displaying a free speech wall.

Free speech wall!

In addition to the wall, keeping with the spirit of Constitution week, UA YAL members distributed Constitutions to the many individuals who expressed their first amendment right and frequented our table.  By the end of the week we had to replace the wall with another one.  This task was easily facilitated due to the way the wall was constructed.  Our free speech wall utilized poster board to constitute the “wall”, while it was based on an easel as a foundation, making switching out an old board for a new one relatively simple.  We were also successful in distributing all 150 Constitutions allotted to us by YAL National.

The wall

 Signing the wall!

With that event wildly successful, we also had a meeting that night attended by a local Libertarian candidate for assembly James Campbell.  His speech truly inspired my club and myself.  We look forward to working with him and doing campaign events with him.

James Campbell

Meeting with James Campbell        

With the SA block party and Constitution Week over, the question is, what lies ahead?  I can say at this point in time, that I am confident that our ragtag club of liberty lovers is truly destined for greatness.  Our excitement and willingness to fight for the cause of liberty can only propel us further into glory.  With Constitution Week done, we look to our general interest meeting as the landmark event to place us on the map.  We are hoping that upwards of 50 people will attend this meeting which shall have local liberty activist Steven Vasquez giving a speech about liberty and the future.

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