UAB Wishes the Debt Was an April Fools Prank…

Debt sign
On Friday, April 1, 2011 the Young Americans for Liberty at UAB erected a 40 foot display of the national debt at a prominent location on campus.  And although it was April Fools Day, we made sure to let people know that the national debt is no joke!

At our table we passed out literature and information about the the the debt, liberty and our group.  We particularly tried to emphasize the unfortunate fact that each individual person owes more than $45 thousand dollars of that debt!  We also passed out free food and snacks as a small consolation on our part to cover for the sheer amount of money they will owe thanks to Washington’s out of control spending.
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The event was a success because we were able to educate many people about the reality of our debt problem and how it affects them. We also were able to raise awareness for our student group and collected almost 25 signatures to petition our local Republican Congressman to get more serious about fighting the national budget problems.
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