UALR Young Americans For Liberty: How Small Campus Activism Works

Young Americans For Liberty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock kicked off the semester right on August 30th, with our first meeting ever. Two semesters worth of tabling to generate interest on campus resulted in a strong turn out for a small commuter college.

meeting 1

Two and a half large pizzas were consumed as a short presentation was given on our chapter’s plans for the semester, which include movie showings at bi-weekly meetings, more pizza, an alliance with the university newspaper for a free speech wall, hosting Liberty in North Korea (LiNk), and last but not least, a group trip to the New Orleans SFL Regional Conference. 

meeting 2

A great deal of amusement was had over the presentation, which included funny gifs. Also, times for the bi-weekly meetings were discussed and it was determined what days and what times worked best for everyone interested in attending. 

Everyone who wanted pizza signed their name and email into the mailing list and added to growing number of contacts.

Meet Thomas and Hope, two of our newest and most enthusiastic members!

          meeting 3 meeting 5

In short, UALR is gearing up to have a great semester! 

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