UALR Young Americans for Liberty: Lessons in Improvisation.

Organizing the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has been a lesson in patience. Best laid plans right? But, today’s student organization fair proves there’s nothing a little determination, resourcefulness and elbow grease cannot achieve. What follows is the adventure that was UALR’s Student Organization Fair for Spring 2013. 

Reference Books

What do you do when you don’t have free information to pass out? You find your own. These three “references” were pulled from my personal collection to serve as a way of introducing what Young Americans for Liberty holds dear. It gets better. 


It’s always handy to have a liberty-minded friend around who is a tech whiz. This is my friend Jessie, who has supported the fledgling group since its inception last semester. He provided the television display and set it up. He also helped man the table. We used the television to present a PowerPoint laying out what YAL is about and outlining some local level activism plans. In the meantime, my computer screen served as a way for interested students to browse the national website and sign up if they so pleased. 


The rest was a matter of elbow grease. A lesson taken from today is certainly the benefit of a good sales pitch. If you have the ability to approach people face to face and passionately explain why you are there, the results are stunning. This crude little tabling experience managed to gain our forming little branch a lot of exposure and about ten interested individuals. It’s a start in the right direction. I can only imagine how the activities will work out with more official flare!

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