UAS screens Deep Web

Last week, Deep Web was screened at the University of Alaska Southeast. The film was brought to campus by our chapter and UAS’s Student Activity Board. I was able to appear on Juneau’s KXLL radio station twice to promote this event and we would like to extend our gratitude to them for their support.

The event was a marvelous success. With popcorn, and free swag in hand, the students of UAS were exposed to a story many of them had never before heard of. Gasps and mumbles filled the room when it was revealed that Ross Ulbricht was handed down a life sentence, without the possibility of parole.

If there’s one thing Alaskans love it’s their freedom and the thought of seeing it all taken away for victimless crimes is provoking. I have students and faculty approaching me still, a week later, remarking how relevant and thought-provoking the film was. This film opened more than a few eyes.


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