UC Berkeley premiere of “Can We Take a Joke?”

The UC Berkeley YAL screening of the documentary “Can We Take a Joke?” was one of our largest events of the semester. We advertised the event through Facebook and multiple days of tabling on Sproul Plaza. Our Facebook event went relatively viral and reached much of the Berkeley student body who hadn’t heard of a pro-liberty group on campus. 
Over the week prior to the screening, the discussion section on the Facebook event stirred with conversation about libertarian ideas, Islamophobia, free speech rights and political correctness among many other things. Our Sproul tabling also attracted some attention because we wanted to provoke discussion by saying something that may not be popular. 

The actual event turned out very successful. We had a full room of students many of whom had never heard of YAL before. Most seemed to enjoy the documentary, and the conversation about free speech at the social afterwards was fun and intellectually fruitful. We are excited for next semester and spreading the message of liberty to our fellow students. 
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