UC Deep Web Screening

The University of Cincinnati YAL chapter recently had a screening of the movie Deep Web on campus.

To promote the event, many UC YAL members distributed small bags of oregano at a table event to help educate and stimulate conversation within the student population about the authoritarian nature of the nation’s current drug laws.

Many of our members were not familiar with the Silk Road, or even the existence of Tor before watching the film, so it was an excellent educational tool for many of us not familiar with the tactics many people use to gain anonymity while online.

During the actual film there were several parts that elicited audible gasps and murmuring from our members. The film does a phenomenal job of covering all of the many troubling aspects of Ross Ulbricht’s case as well as the libertarian foundation of principles under which the Silk Road was setup. The screening led to a very spirited discussion afterwards about the growing power of the federal government, the lack of privacy in today’s technology-filled society, the industrial prison complex, and the unconstitutional and immoral aspects of policing what someone puts in their own body. 

All of our students came away from the screening with increased knowledge regarding the Silk Road, and online privacy as a whole, as well as even more secure in their principles of personal freedom and liberty.

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