UC hosts Rally for Jobs, Opportunity, and Diversity

It was a hell of a Friday for the University of Cincinnati Young Americans for Liberty!

Reason Magazine author Nick Gillespie speaks

We hosted a Rally for Jobs, Opportunity, and Diversity which brought together many great leaders in the liberty movement. Close to 450 people attended the event, and we were able to distribute over 200 free copies of our Students for Liberty-published books, After the Welfare State and The Morality of Capitalism. We also had over 50 students add themselves to our mailing list. At University of Cincinnati YAL, we were entirely blown away by the turnout, and by the amount of interest generated by the event. It was thrilling to see so many people so enthusiastic about the cause of liberty, and it seemed like our tables were flooded with people asking questions and taking literature for the entire day.

Warming up the crowd was musician Jordan Page, who should be well known from his time on the Ron Paul campaign. Jordan is an absolutely phenomenal guitar player and he put on a fantastic show. Next up was comedian Geoff Tate, who despite being a Cincinnati local has toured nationally with Comedy Central Live. He did a great job at lightening the mood. Then came US House candidate Jim Berns, who advanced the light-hearted theme with some jokes of his own. After Berns left the stage, we heard from our very own Ian Gulley, president of the University of Cincinnati chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine was next to show his oratory prowess, followed by State Chairman of the Ohio Libertarian Party Kevin Knedler and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

We are truly lucky to have such a brilliant and influential figure of the liberty movement so close to us. Overall the event was resounding success and a clear win for UC YAL and all those in attendance. We would like to extend a big thanks to all those that spoke, and all those who helped make this incredible event possible!

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