UC Irvine Semester Report

— Matt Eggleton, President of YAL at UCI

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at University of California, Irvine has been working hard to keep the club organization alive and growing. Our leadership positions have recently been transfered, and brand new members are now in charge, including myself. So far at UCI, we have held a total of two large events, as well as recruiting new members by tabling and holding meetings every week.

Our first event was the 48th Congressional District Debate, which was held on October 13th, on campus. This was held in conjunction with the College Democrats and the College Republicans. At this event, the Libertarian candidate (Mike Binkley) debated with the Democrat candidate (Beth Krom). The Republican candidate did not end up showing up. Two YAL members — Josh and I — asked Beth Krom a few questions towards the end of the debate. I have taken the liberty of editing out the footage of our questions from the televised debate, and uploaded it to youtube. This video can be viewed below:


The second event we held was the 70th Assembly District debate on October 27th. This was similar to our last debate, and was held in conjunction with the College Democrats and the College Republicans. All three of the candidates showed up, including the Libertarian candidate, who is a student of UC Irvine as well as a member of our YAL Chapter (Deborah Tharp). This event went well, and we were able to get some publicity by holding our table outside of the event, before and after the debate.

Furthermore, I have finished constructing our UCI YAL website, where users can do the following: join the club, read about what we do, watch club-specific videos, browse our pictures, visit our facebook profile, see all of our upcoming events (including meetings), and more. Our website can be found here:  YAL Irvine.

The UCI YAL chapter is growing and has plans for the future. Our next event will including constructing a large National Debt Clock, which will be held next quarter. Hopefully, our club will grow, even though UC Irvine is a somewhat non-politically-active campus. We currently have approximately six dedicated members, and are looking to recruit more soon!

— Matt Eggleton, President of YAL at UCI

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